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Pickles, Olives, Oil & Vinegar

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…from the Olive Bar


South African piquanté pepper. Their mild, spicy flavor is terrific with goat’s milk cheese.
(Met) • per pound – (All) • 14 oz. jar


Crisp, tart pickles made from tiny gherkin cucumbers. A traditional accompaniment to paté, smoked meat and fish.
(Met) • per pound – (All) • 7.5 oz. jar

Kalamata Messina Greek

Olives known for their distinct almond shape, deep purple–black color and delicious, wine–like flavor.
(Met) whole or pitted


French olives that are known for their unique and delicate flavor. Niçoise are considered an essential ingredient in Mediterranean and Provençal cuisine. (Met)


One of the well–known varieties coming from Nimes, France. These whole green olives are firm in texture with a crisp, fresh taste. (Met)

Sicilian Olives

Jumbo pitted green olives that are marinated Sicilian style. Prepared in–house with quality extra virgin olive oil and dried herbs. They are reminiscent of what is found in Sicily.


Imported from Spain, these berries are pickled in vinegar and meaty with a caper–like flavor. (Met)

House Mixed Olives

A colorful assortment of red, green and black olives dressed in a house olive oil. (Met)